Schools that learn #3

When I was a principal at a Middle School, USA, I had some 6th graders in serious danger of not being promoted.  They were not as serious about school as was necessary and had developed a peer culture that was anti-intellectual.  They were kept in 6th grade for another year.  However, I said to them, ‘if you do well in the 1st quarter, we’ll promote you to 7th grade at the beginning of the 2nd quarter’.  They worked twice as much as their peers during the 1st quarter.  The teachers began to change their perceptions of the kids and of themselves.  They began to see the flex in the system that they could appropriate if they had to in order to make it work for the kids. – Edward T. Joyner

Teachers go a lot further for students that are responsive to them, and it’s fair to ask students to match or exceed the commitment of their best teachers. – Edward T Joyner

How is curriculum best taught?

Is it by teaching harder? NO – We educate kids by ‘any legal and ethical means necessary’

Teaching is the most complicated job of all the professions because children have been shaped by so many factors.

What are the Effective Teaching Behaviors? 

Adapting, Planning, Relating, Evaluating, Managing, Instructing, Expectancy, and Resilience.  

What are the Effective Student Behaviors?

Attention, Cooperation, Task-Orientation, Intention, Verbalization, Enthusiasm.

Learning is the creation of meaning that occurs when an individual links new knowledge with existing knowledge – Vygotsky (Willians and Woods 1997)




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