Schools that learn #1

These will be a series of articles that include tools, methods, stories and reflections, guiding ideas, exercises, and resources to help educators, parents, school administrators solve particular problems.  Imagine two students; one from the USA and one China, meet each other; the one from USA who enjoyed an education system that enabled him/er to be a creative innovator, but failing into science and math skills, while the other from China; was well prepared for the school exams, however, failing to be creative and work towards a technological breakthrough…..when they meet what will happen? will they chose to work together and combine their skills or to compete destructively against each other? Their choice will depend on how well their schools have equipped them for the INTERDEPENDENT world they live in.

The 5 Disciplines to create a school that learns

Systems Thinking in Education

Systems Thinking at a school

Exploring the Mental Models at your school that may limit the potential of the students at your school.



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