Digging Up Thomas Gad’s 4D Brand Model


I was recently called in to pinch hit for the Emily Carr / BCIT Design Essentials: Corporate Communications course. This is the outline, more or less, of where we’ll start (or where we started… the first class is done and this is a bit of re-cap). The class is primarily going to be based on observation and understanding what the general scope of an organisation’s communication scope might entail… both internally and externally. We swim in the stuff everyday, and that makes it a pretty reflexive environment to work in… often you just need to step back and listen to what you are being sold (or told) everyday, and decode the techniques that are being used by people, institution and corporations to communicate with you using the different media at their disposal… we made quite a list.

Coordinating this communication is somewhat natural and even to some degree sub-conscious if…

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