Pearson BTEC LEVEL 3 QUALIFICATIONS as an alternative to A levels and IB diploma 

I used to work for Edexcel/Pearson  in Egypt and helped education institutes to introduce BTEC and other Pearson applied learning courses to their learners. Here’s 1 example of how a school in Egypt is implementing it as an alternative to A levels and IB diploma to those who are non academic oriented. There are other examples in Dubai that are introducing it as part of the academic portfolio for the students to increase their chances at higher education choices. 

I work independently now with UK and Finnish education and digital marketing providers. However, I am a great believer in BTEC pathway for non academic oriented students 

Here’s the link to the file:


About jailan gamal

I am the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the Applied Learning Advisers Company, based in Cairo-Egypt. I am leading on a Practice-led Research devoted to studying the education and learning methods at Finland and UK Schools. I am also a Former Principal and Chief Innovation Officer of a Cambridge Associate and IB Candidate School in Egypt, Former Director of an IB World School and Regional Business Development at Edexcel the UK's largest Awarding Body for qualifications. I have proudly led on designing and directing entrepreneurship in e-commerce for a scholarship scheme in Egypt offered in partnership with Education for Employment Foundation and a major E-commerce Reselling Marketplace in the Middle East. I also, provide Business mentoring for startups that involve young entrepreneurs and business women to enhance their business management skills in the Middle East and North Africa.
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