Acting Class 4

18th March 2016

Musical Cross Exercise: تمارين حركات تعبيريةThis is an exercise to express with your body parts what the music is trying to tell….a typical breaking the ‘expressions norms’ exercise.  Listen to the Music and let it dig deep into your soul and let the energy out completely….

Music played during our class – soundtrack of The Passion of the Christ

I tried to imagine a situation and I let my body parts move to express this situation, whilst the music was flowing…the situation was like a wake…that has ups, downs, shakes, vibrations,……I felt and expressed every wake with my body parts…..

إيقاع الموسيقى بتمثله….سيب نفسك تمثل و تعبر بالحركات…بدل ما تبطبى على نفسك …عبرى بطاقة الموسيقى…لو فيه حد مش حاسس بالموضوع مش حتحصل الوصلة و يقدر يعبر صح…

تغيير مستويات التعبير الحركى لازم تعكس طاقة الموسيقى و تبان فى الحركة…نبطل الحركات التقليدية و من غير رقص…

عايزة حركة واضحة فى الفضاء (be defined in space)

open your eyes while expressing with your body parts>>>start slowly and change with the Rythm  إيقاع …بطريقة تعبيرية

إحساس الوجه جامد أوى ..لازم يعكس الطاقة اللى فى الجسم اللى ماشية مع الموسيقى

For the first time, our instructor felt happy with my performance,..she was glad that I finally stepped out from the normal ME to express and perform a different character….all my peers cheered….they liked my performance….

One of the participants was feeling the music and then he blocks it…the instructor was guiding him to practice this more often to let go and feel the energy and express it…

That wasn’t a dancing exercise, this was an expression exercise.



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