Acting Classes

As Jim Cermak a Seasoned Director of Theater once put it “Not everyone can have a life in the theatre, but everyone can have theater in their life!”

I have been working in education marketing business for over 10 years and went through a lot of training into the fields of business, marketing, interpersonal and leadership skills.  However, I had this belief that a successful business and marketing professional has to learn Acting Skills and especially the Theater Acting.  There are a lot of expression skills training that includes; improvisation, personalization, the use of external stimuli and analysis of script (in business life this is the situation and case study analysis).  I admire the Acting Skills that put emphasis on the physical action and Imagination as a way to express the right set of feelings relating to the situation.  I also commented on Tom Vanderwell related blog Tom Vanderwell’s blog

Today’s class was about using only the body in expressing the meaning.  I had to define myself into the space surrounding me.  This needs a deep understanding of one’s role into the organisation, have a lot of control on one’s senses and body language, voice tone, ….

How I plan to use these new set of skills into my education business advising? Stay tuned for me next blog 🙂


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