Acting Classes #2

On Monday 14th March 2016, we learnt about Peripheral Vision and undertook a new exercise to emphasis the importance of attention and senses projection to the audience. When we are focusing our central vision on the audience or an action, our vision is still aware of our surroundings.  This is especially important when we are doing certain activities such as driving, playing sports, acting, working with children, attending a business meeting, doing an important presentation or talk to an audience, …The main points were:

Forget about your self/character/essence (إنسى القالب التقليدى بتاع شخصيتك)

Forget about the Tunnel Vision, the person has to be aware of all sensual and physical occurrences within the outlying space.

You have be to defined in space again and again….

We don’t start with the script/text to perform, we start with the improvisation, imagination, using the environment to perform.

The exercise layout and instructions were as follows: 

A shield is poised between two persons

Two persons are situated on a straight line.

Person A and B are facing the audience.

Person A is supposed to get into a character and tells about an experience with neutral sitting position, use the voice, facial expressions to act…, use the signs and moves that Person B is performing to interweave into the performance to make sense.





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