Reach Out for Jailan

I am working with a team of media and entertainment specialists to create a series of illustrations in the form of short attractive movies to engage 13-18 years learners into the Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education. These videos will be published via

I am also creating workbooks for business case studies that are issued by International Baccalaureate Organisation, and Times Education Supplement, to enable IB Business & Management, GCE Business Studies and Business Schools’ learners to understand and apply the business theories and tools.  These will be published via

I work closely with schools to support them with curriculum development with a focus on Applied Learning Themes to engage students into the dynamics of the business world and I offer career counselling and support with college admissions.Image

I provide support to new Business Start Ups to develop their branding, reach out, and positioning strategies.


About jailan gamal

I am the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the Applied Learning Advisers Company, based in Cairo-Egypt. I am leading on a Practice-led Research devoted to studying the education and learning methods at Finland and UK Schools. I am also a Former Principal and Chief Innovation Officer of a Cambridge Associate and IB Candidate School in Egypt, Former Director of an IB World School and Regional Business Development at Edexcel the UK's largest Awarding Body for qualifications. I have proudly led on designing and directing entrepreneurship in e-commerce for a scholarship scheme in Egypt offered in partnership with Education for Employment Foundation and a major E-commerce Reselling Marketplace in the Middle East. I also, provide Business mentoring for startups that involve young entrepreneurs and business women to enhance their business management skills in the Middle East and North Africa.
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