Bedtime Stories need a skilled leader

Bedtime Stories are an essential part of families’ lives across the world.  The parents take pride into this entertaining experience on a daily basis.  They have to be prepared, invest time, energy and money into their storytelling session.  Timing is important! Kids going to bed at the right time, and not forcing them to do it, as they will be looking forward to their favourite bedtime story show, are all critical Well-being practice that needs a skilled leader 🙂 I was fortunate to get hold of this mobile application Kidstoriz App interactive story telling App

It redefines the storytelling experience.  Instead of feeling awkward when I pick up the Classical’s such as Cinderella, or Snow-white, I am sure that this is unfair to families that have good Stepmoms :/

I subscribed and chose fun and educating stories that have morale, and whilst alone, I recorded it using my voice, after all, with my family’s genealogy of actors  , I can finally practice it for my own kid 🙂 Then, Voila!! It’s Bedtime Story Showtime! at the right time, with the right content, with the right delivery method!!! There are Arabic and English versions, and educational mobile games as well but these are not for bedtime of course 🙂

I advise my fellow parents to try it out Interactive Story Telling App for Kids


A week in the life of a Teampreneur

Timo chose to learn through entrepreneurship at a leading institute in Finland. I asked him to share his weekly diary with us at Team Academy Lab in Cairo.

A day in the life of an entrepreneur who’s learning through entrepreneurship in Finland as an undergraduate might look like this:
Monday: 12.00-16.00 Workshop (search engine optimazing)
16.00-19.00 Working on many different topics (mostly my duties as out teams business leader)

9.00-12.00 Project (Developing our staff management project)
13.00-15.30 Preparing the projector for Wednesday and some running things.

Wednessday 8.00-12.00 Projector and seminar (success stories from entrepreneurs speaking)
12.00-13.00 Meeting of the board of our company (Business leader duties)
13.00-16.00 Meeting with one client related to one project (Dialogue event)
16.00-19.00 Project (Academic Adventures)

8.30-16.00 Seminar for how to create your own web shop business
16-20-00 Project (Our own product)

Friday (tomorrow)
8.00-9.00 Project (Education project)
9.00-12.00 Project (Developing our staff management project)
13.00-16.00 Meeting of the board of Proakatemia

Team Academy Lab, Cairo has Field Experts & Coaches from Europe and Egypt

Our Field Experts are from UK, Finland, Holland & Egypt.  They are trained to mentor, and coach to enable your learners and staff improve their performance.  Their profiles are listed her:

UK Field Experts & Team Coaches:

Mr. Chris Jackson’s Profile

Dr. Ainurul Rosli’s Profile

Ms. Kate Saunders’ Profile

Dr. Isla Kapasi’s Profile

Dr. Wendy Wu’s Profile

Team Academy Lab, Cairo Head Coach: Mrs. Jailan Gamal El Din’s Profile

It’s time to move from GOOD to GREATNESS; TALK to us today:


Team Academy Lab, Cairo is Up for Greatness in Egypt and MENA Region!

We are up and running in Cairo; delivering coaching and mentoring to Start Ups and Entrepreneurs following the Tiimiakatemia© Methodologies that were originated in Finland Universities, 25 years ago and spread with successful impact on the entrepreneurs’ learning journeys to other parts of Europe and worldwide.

Follow us to learn more about their success stories. Success Stories

Kids Team Activities-28th April 2017

I had the pleasure of inviting 5 kids plus my kid who are 6-7 years old on Friday 28th April to revise for them before their Arabic Language Exam Papers for Grade 1.  Personally, I don’t approve of the idea of testing 6-7 years kids, because in Finland; the FINNISH PRESCHOOL MODEL HAS RANKED THE BEST IN GLOBAL COMPARISON

this age is considered a Preschool age and the focus is on their development emotionally and socially as illustrated in the image below developed by Helsinki International SchoolsHEI WAY

We had a day packed with team work activities using the methodologies illustrated in the above figure, and we used the Arabic language words as part of expressing their needs and ideas.

This was the list of activities that I issued in the form of certifying them Kids Team Activities – April 2017

Stay tuned for the next level of Challenges! esg